Friday, January 13, 2012

A Cat's Eye View - of Ron Paul

Baxter here. Sorry to have been Silent for so Long but I am at the Mercy of the Humans in terms of when I can Blog or not. Luckily my Female Human has taken it into her Head to get back to the Business of Blogging again and is giving me the Access I deserve to expound on My Opinions here. It's not that I can't Type, but I am not Very Good at the management of Software and I don't know HTML so my Human has to help a little when I want to do things like make things bold or whatever. And I have Strong Opinions so I need some bold now and then!

OK, so where was I? Oh yes, Ron Paul. The so-called Libertarian among the GOP field. As a Cat, I am sure you would understand that I like the idea of being a Libertarian. There is no one more Libertarian than Cats. Dogs are certainly NOT Libertarians. They do whatever their Masters want, or at least they try to. Sometimes their Brains are Too Relaxed to understand what is Wanted. But if they figure it out, they'll do it. Well, maybe except That Dog they call Diva. She tends to do what SHE wants. But the New One, Angel, she tries to Please; except for one thing - she still wants to chase Me and Bark. But I digress.

Many Humans who usually think Progressively tend to kind of like the idea of Ron Paul. Not Ron Paul himself, mind you, but their IDEA of Ron Paul. They think of him as Someone who would get Government out of their Hair and Leave them Alone. They also know that, unlike front-runner Romney, he thinks legalization of Marijuana should be left to the states and there should not be a federal law against it, which they think is kind of Cool - and that he was against the War in Iraq, also a Good Thing in many People's Eyes. But they may not have read the Details of his other ideas on the issues. If they did, they would be Much More Concerned about Mr. Paul. For instance:

He is "Pro-Life," saying he believes Life begins at Conception and Roe vs. Wade should be reversed. In addition, he opposes any Government Funding for Things People Don't Believe in - which in this case means:

"Ron Paul will also protect the American people’s freedom of conscience by working to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for abortions, Planned Parenthood, or any other so-called “family planning” program."

Now, as a Neutered Cat, issues of Contraception have No Interest to Me. But I'm sure there are Many Progressive Female Humans who would find these Ideas Alarming. I also wonder, if Conservatives think the "American People" should not have to have their Taxes go toward Things they Don't Believe In, why does that only apply to Things Conservatives Don't Believe In? Shouldn't Liberals and Progressives have the Right to refuse having their Taxes go toward Things They Don't Believe In either? Like, for instance, My Humans would Choose not to have their Taxes go toward Wars and Military Spending. Why should the Consciences of Conservatives be the Federal Government's only Concern?

Ron Paul has More Ideas. Lots of them. For instance, he wants to Abolish the Income Tax, the "Death" Tax, the Capital Gains Tax, and the Federal Gas Tax. Oh, but he also wants to Balance the Budget. I Wonder how he would Do That? Sounds Confusing to Me; but of course, I am Only a Cat.

As for Energy, Paul is of the Drill, Baby, Drill! mindset. More Oil! More Gas! Nuclear Power! Coal! Oh, and Abolish the EPA - that's just a Lot of Troublemakers Ruining the Economy and keeping our Energy Prices up!
"As President, Ron Paul will lead the fight to:

* Remove restrictions on drilling, so companies can tap into the vast amount of oil we have here at home.

* Repeal the federal tax on gasoline. Eliminating the federal gas tax would result in an 18 cents savings per gallon for American consumers.

* Lift government roadblocks to the use of coal and nuclear power.

* Eliminate the ineffective EPA. Polluters should answer directly to property owners in court for the damages they create – not to Washington."

I particularly Love the idea that Property Owners would have to Go to Court to get Polluters to pay for the Damages they create. How would that work, exactly? My Humans would have to sue the owner of the local Gas Station or the nearby Industrial Brownfield for the contamination of the Groundwater? And wouldn't that Clog up the Courts indefinitely? Or better yet, for Mr. Paul, I guess he figures People would get Tired of having to Sue to get anything or wouldn't be able to Afford the Lawyer Fees and Big Polluters would just Get Away With It.

Home-Schooling? He's all for it.

"Ron Paul believes no nation can remain free when the state has greater influence over the knowledge and values transmitted to children than the family does.

And the truth is, no big government spending program can or will solve our nation’s education problems."

Personally, I would rather the Human Children be Taught by Professionals and not a bunch of Evolution-Denying, Anti-Intellectual Parents who will Brainwash the Kids to grow up thinking Just Like Them. And the More People who Homeschool, the fewer People will be paying for Public Education (Mr. Paul, of course, wants these Parents to get a Tax Credit for Homeschooling their Kids) and Public Education will Continue to Go Downhill.

What about Guns and the Second Amendment, you may ask. Well, of course, Ron Paul is all Pro-Second Amendment and Pro-Gun!

"With our gun rights under constant attack from our own government and the anti-gun United Nations, as well as the threat of rising crime due to our country’s economic woes, Congressman Paul believes it has never been more important that our President be 100% committed to defending our God-given right to keep and bear arms."

(Of course we All Know how much God likes us to have Guns; that's why it is our God-Given Right to have them!)

True, some Progressives and Liberals will like some of his Ideas on the Military. After all, who Among Us would argue that there is a lot of Waste in the Military Budget, and that we probably don't need to give Money to "Rich Dictators." And it probably IS a Good Idea to follow the Constitution and have Congress Declare War before actually going to War.

But to Me, as a Liberal Cat, his other Ideas are Just Too Dangerous. I hope my Fellow Liberals and Progressives will read Mr. Paul's positions Very Carefully.

So that's It from Me today. I hope you Enjoy Your Weekend and Have Enough Catnip to Get Through this Election Season. It's only going to Get Worse before it Gets Better!


Sherry Peyton said...

Baxter you have more sense than a full 35% of the so-called electorate. Keep getting your human to let you speak. And about that dog, why a few swipes across the nose, and he's think twice. All our cats went through hell and spent a few hours up trees, but eventually the dumb dogs got the idea that noses being scratched was not fun.

Kulkuri said...

Baxter, you may be a cat, but you're smarter than a lot of hoomans. I'd say your take on Ron Paul is right on. He is not a libertarian(neither a small l or large L) no matter how much some would like you to believe.

Anonymous said...

Baxter - An intersting commentary. I agree that all political candidates promises and positions need further scrutiny, including our "liberal" President's. But that's for further discussion at a later time. In the mean time, you should further quiz your human masters about that military spending comment. If I'm not mistaken, the food in your bowl and the roof over your head owe their presence in good part to that military spending.

Life is much more complicated than your human masters have lead you to believe and there are often more than one or two sides to the story. No issue or candidate can be taken at face value.

susan said...

You've heard the definition of a Libertarian, haven't you? It's someone who read 'Atlas Shrugged' and didn't get the joke.

Ron Paul has some very scary ideas but there's little chance of him getting to put any of them into practice from the Oval Office.

Good cat.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I hear round the catbox either Baxter gets his own blog or there's gonna be a hairball outbreak on somebody's bed.

* Repeal the federal tax on gasoline. Eliminating the federal gas tax would result in an 18 cents savings per gallon for American consumers.

As states promptly raise their gas tax:P

We didn't get out of the klown kar - HE did!

Jolly Roger said...

A cat would know where just about any Rushpubliscum plan for anything belongs-lining the litter pan.

Mauigirl said...

Baxter here. Thank you All for your Comments. Sherry, I have Tried the Swiping at the Dog's Nose but she just kept Barking at Me while her Nose was bleeding!

Kulkuri, I agree, Paul is not a Libertarian, based on his Positions on Reproductive Rights, among others.

Susan, Thankfully you are Right, he is not likely to Win.

Anonymous, you do have a Point. In fact, my Male Human works for a company that Depends on Military Spending for its business! So yes, we need to continue to have Military Spending. But there IS a lot of Waste. Cats like to be Efficient in using their Energies, and expect the Military to also be Efficient.

Future, of course you are Right. The States would just take up on the Tax where the Feds left off!

JR, Well Said, I couldn't have Said it Better Myself.

Loren said...

Hard to beleive anyone can take Ron Paul seriously.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Hello, Baxter! (rubs the furry ears) Nice to see you at home. Love your analysis. You're as wise as your hoomin!

KGMom said...

Baxter for President!

Christopher said...

Ron Paul is a creepy old coot.

Dave Dubya said...

The problem with Paul is that he is right about the drug war and other wars. We must not be blind to the half that wants renegade capitalism and corporate personhood.

Mauigirl said...

Baxter here - Thank you KGMom for your Vote of Confidence.

Christopher - yes, that is True, which doesn't Help his cause either.

Dave, True - he has enough points he's Right on that people forget about the other parts of his Philosophy.

Murr Brewster said...

My cat chases bogeymen all day and expects others to pick up after her litterbox deposits. I think she's a Republican.

Randal Graves said...

I hope you're happy. Go Niners! (ugh)

Mauigirl said...

Murr, Baxter here. I am Afraid you may be Right about your Cat. Sadly, not all Cats are Liberals.

Randal, it will be an interesting Contest between the Giants and the Niners. My Humans will probably have to Root for the Giants since it is going to be a Head-to-Head Battle. But a Piece of their Hearts is always with San Francisco.

squatlo said...

Wise cat you have there... wish felines could register to vote, but here in Tn most don't have the required photo IDs.

BTW, just added your site to my list of "signs of intelligent life", so be prepared for an unwashed herd of miscreants and misfits to visit soon. You've been warned...

Tom Harper said...

"I also wonder, if Conservatives think the 'American People' should not have to have their Taxes go toward Things they Don't Believe In, why does that only apply to Things Conservatives Don't Believe In?"

Tisk tisk, Baxter. You're using logic and reason, which are completely foreign to the conservative mentality. When you use logic to derail a conservative's argument, the conservative will react in one of two ways:

1. It'll sail right over his head, like you were speaking Swahili or something; or

2. The conservative will fly into a rage at having his/her argument derailed.

Fran said...


tim said...

Baxter, I didn't know that cats know about politicians, but it seems they do :) You're a smart little creature and you're spot on about Ron Paul!!

Juan said...

I beleive Romney Might have tricks up his sleave...But am a Ron Paul fan

byomyoga said...

yeah!!!! "personally, I would rather the Human Children be Taught by Professionals and not a bunch of Evolution-Denying, Anti-Intellectual Parents who will Brainwash the Kids to grow up thinking Just Like Them."

Anonymous said...

It's awfully easy for Lazy Americans to say, "Hey, no foreign wars and legalize pot, WOO-HOOOOO!"

But why in the world does a "Libertarian" want to get the government out of the corporate world and put it in our bedrooms???

...Oh yeah. Because he's not a Libertarian. He's a rich conservative!

I don't know how many write-in votes you'll get next November, Baxter, but three of them will be from ME!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Let's take away every Americans liberties and you're okay with that? If you listen to what dr Paul says you would understand. He wants states to govern not big government in every aspect of our life. Open your eyes people. Make a real change. If Obama really was from Hawaii then where is his aloha spirit? If he led the country with just a little bit of aloha we wouldn't be in this mess. You see what they want to do now with your iras and 401 k ? They want to take 45% now! 35% was not enough? Oh and your beneficiaries only have 5 years to use it or they take it. We need a government that is for the people and by the people. We are paying them. They work for us. But if you want it the other way around then vote for anyone but ron Paul.

Unknown said...

All our cats went through hell and spent a few hours up trees, but eventually the dumb dogs got the idea that noses being scratched was not fun.can-c