Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Cat's Eye View: Baxter's Back

Baxter here. Hoo boy, it's been a long month since my Human last posted here. A lot of Water has gone under the Bridge, as the saying goes. Or maybe I should say, a lot of OIL has gone under the Bridge.

I Apologize for My long Absence here. My Female Human has been Too Preoccupied with her Mother to pay much attention to Me or her Blog. Funny, though, she always has time for that Facebook thing. I myself have a Catbook page but I really never got into it Much.

To be Honest, the main Reason I have time to be on the Computer is because my Human has a Day to Herself and can help Me. It's not for a Good Reason, but it is still a Day to Herself. Her Mother had to go to the Emergency Room of the local Hospital yesterday due to Dehydration. She has been admitted to the Hospital and is doing Well. However, my Human is not sure what to do when her Mother gets Out, as it seems as if, more and more, she really may belong in a Nursing Home due to her Frail Condition. Plus her 89-year-old Aunt has been helping with her Mother's care at home, and my Human is afraid it is starting to Stress Her Out too.

As a Cat, I can't really Comment, but I did spend some Time in the Cat equivalent of a Nursing Home, I suppose you could say. I was at a cat rescue called HAAL (short for Humane Animal Adoption League) before my Humans brought me home. The HAAL Humans were very nice to Us and let us out of our Cages to Play and took Very Good Care of Us. While of course I Prefer being in a whole House, it was Pleasant there. (If You are feeling Generous, please do click on the Link and learn more, and if you can Donate to them, I'm sure they would Appreciate it Deeply.)

My Human also wants me to tell You how much she Appreciates everyone's comments and Good Wishes for her and her Mother. She feels Very Blessed to have so many Friends here in the Interwebs.

As for Me, I have a lot of Catching Up to do on Current Events. As mentioned above, the Biggest Story to me in the past Month is the Horrendous Oil Explosion in the Gulf that is Still Going On.

How those Idiots at BP let this Happen I don't know. But as a Cat, I feel Fellowship with all of the Life in the Gulf that is being Devastated by this continuing Debacle, and it makes me Very Sad. If an Oil Company doesn't know what they would do if their Stupid Oil Well blew up and caused all the Oil to spout out into the Ocean, then they Darn Well shouldn't be Drilling down there in the First Place. Period. And the Government shouldn't be letting Them!

I won't get into all the Stupid things I've heard about - batteries missing and Whatnot, How to Stop It, and Who is to blame. But I'll let Jon Stewart explain it All for you:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
There Will Be Blame
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

In Other News, there was That Day when the Dow Jones Average tanked almost a Thousand Points and still No One really Knows Why. That was Scary. Luckily for my Humans' 401ks, it did Rebound Somewhat by the end of the Day. My Female Human happened to be watching CNN at the time it happened, and she saw her Retirement pass before her Eyes for a few minutes there.

Also during this past Month, President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, receiving both Pats on the Head and whacks with the Rolled-Up Newspaper from Both Sides. Liberals are Worried she isn't Liberal Enough, and of Course, the Right would never think ANYONE the President nominated would be Conservative enough. We Cats tend to be Very Liberal, so in My View she probably isn't Liberal Enough. It seems as if the Republicans never have any Compunction about nominating people that are to the Right of Genghis Kahn, while Democrats are afraid to go anywhere but Slightly Left of Center at the Most when they nominate a Justice, resulting in a Court that shifts increasingly Rightward.

However, Elena Kagan hasn't really left enough of a Paper Trail to keep her from being Nominated or even give the Liberals any real reason to Worry. I say, give her the Benefit of the Doubt and hope she is more Liberal than she lets on. That happens sometimes even when a Justice is appointed by the Republicans. Let's hope it works for the Dems too.

I shall End with one of my Cheery and Uplifting stories so as to leave You on a Positive Note. My Human told me about this so I thought I'd pass it on to You. She was walking That Dog the other Morning, and as they started to pass a Garbage Can on the Street, she noticed that the white plastic garbage bag in the can was Wiggling, as if Something was Stuck Inside and trying to get Out! Holes at the bottom of the bag showed where the Creature had gotten in, but it wasn't smart enough to go Back the Way it Came.

A Man walking his dog approached, and my Human called his Attention to the bag. "I think there's a squirrel or something stuck inside that bag!" she said.

He looked while That Dog and his dog started sniffing hello. My Human said she was worried because the Garbage Truck would be along shortly. The Man looked around and got a long Stick and came back and started Poking the bag with it. He said, "I think it's a bird!" Suddenly the bag tore, and flying out of it came a large, disgruntled Starling! He took off indignantly, as if it were Their fault that he was stuck inside.

"We did our good deed for the day!" said the Man, and continued on with his dog, as did my Female Human. One less thing to Worry About.

Personally, I think they should have brought the Bag Home to Me so I could deal with that Starling!

In the Meantime, I'm going to add Beer to the Catnip I regularly Consume just to get through the latest News Events. Sometimes you need more Sedation than Others. Hang in there, and maybe Things will Improve.
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Amanda said...

Baxter, I hope your human's mother is feeling better soon!

And someone should get you that beer *nods*

Life As I Know It Now said...

Baxter I couldn't agree with you more. Nice to see you back!

Distributorcap said...

welcome back baxter -- and just so you know, you friend carlos here, who came from Animal Haven in NYC - also asks me to help his other friends

and i do

because the world is a better place with folks like you Baxter, and carlos

D.K. Raed said...

I'm so glad your Human had time to help you post but trust me, Baxter, you wouldn't really have wanted to "play" with that smelly old garbage eating starling.

We had a bird fly in our house the other night. Opened up the door to take the dog out and, whoosh, in flew a bird! He buzzed all around the house, so fast I couldn't even see what kind of bird (though I did verify it was NOT a bat). I left the front door open and a few anxious minutes later he flew back out. We are currently catless but I could imagine how exciting that deal would've been for a cat. Flap Jaw Time!

Charles said...

Baxter: what was it that Obama said about offshore drilling two weeks before the spill... i can't remember......?

Charles said...

Yo Baxter:

I apologize about my snide comment last night referring to Obama and his previous "stance" on off shore drilling.

Your human visited my blog, so I will give it my level best not to challenge you on such issues.

I told my cat that you write blogs and she is really upset that i have never helped her do the same... i'm afraid if i let her write one on my page though that she will just try to tell the world what a neglectful friend i am, always leaving her at home so i can go to work without her and whatnot. what should i do?

Randal Graves said...

Next time, see if your Human can stuff a few politicians in the garbage in lieu of a frightened bird.

Mauigirl said...

Amanda, Baxter and I thank you for your good wishes for my mom. I have to admit I've been drinking some of that beer myself... (from Baxter's human)

DCap and Liberality,
Baxter here, thanks for the Welcome Backs. DCap, best wishes to Carlos.

Randal, that Garbage Bag would have to be Very Big to hold them all!

DK, glad the bird found its way back outside. Too bad you did not have a Cat as he or she would have had Great Fun. Remind my Human to tell you the story of the Bat that got in the house once.

Charles, no Worries, please feel Free to challenge Me on Anything, that is what discussion is all about! And yes, Obama did say he was going allow some Offshore Drilling. At least this Mess has a Silver Lining as he has now backed off of that. As for your Cat, I suggest you give in and let her Blog. Otherwise there could be Worse Consequences. Suppression is never a Good Thing - let her go for it! I'm sure she would have Much to Say of Interest.

Charles said...

Baxter: i will do it. although it may take a couple of days to get the cat proficient at english. how did you learn? rosetta stone?

Also: wouldn't it have been nice if our government didn't so heavily regulate things so that there would have never been any liability cap on oil spill claims? then BP would have had no other choice but to spend extra time money and effort (a LOT extra) in order to guarantee that their operations were more secure, or risk tanking their whole business paying for the totality of the cleanup of a spill....?

also (again): what's this deal i have heard about sending human hair to the gulf for spill cleanup? does that actually work? and is cat hair acceptable as well?

amadmike1 said...

From one animal lover to another: Go Baxter!!!!

TomCat said...

Hiya Baxter! I was worried that the Dawg had buried you in yoiur own box. How humiliating that would have been!

I'm sorry to hear about your grand human's trip to the hospital. I hope she recovers quickly, but it sounds like she may need more care than Mimi is able to provide herself.

From a feline perspective the Gulf Oil Gusher is a major crisis. It looks like only rich humans will get some of our favorite delicacies, as they will become far too costly for cat food. Since BP is converting the Gulf into a giant toilet, the Dawg will be able to drink out of it if he can find a way to get there.

Beer may not be enough for your catnip. Try something stronger.

Fran said...

Missed ya Baxter. You are one smart cat.

Anonymous said...

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