Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Too Late Baby - But I'll Blog Against Theocracy Anyway

I just revisited the Blog Against Theocracy site and realized it says that no posts will be accepted after April 5th. Unfortunately I was unable to get to writing about this important subject until today. I will try to link to it anyway.

As some of you know, I have become the caretaker of my 91-year-old mother, Marge. She's a great lady and is doing much better since she's been home rather than in an instutional setting. However, her frailty does make her care a fairly time-consuming and and relatively exhausting job. Thank goodness for the aides that come to keep an eye on her at night. During the day she is pretty with-it and we have a good time chatting. Her sense of humor is still there and we are doing well. But it doesn't allow me much time or energy to blog.

Where shall I begin about the issue of theocracy in this country? I've written about this before but it seems as if the situation is getting worse. What with the Texas School Board trying to change the textbooks to go along with their version of reality, which is based on religious beliefs rather than science, and those who refuse to vote for the health care bill if the insurance companies cover abortion, "theocracy" is everywhere these days. Where do people get the nerve to say they won't let their taxes fund an abortion paid for through a private insurance company? After all, my taxes pay for wars, and I don't believe in them either. If everyone got to choose exactly what their taxes pay for I don't think much would get done.

We have moved from the silliness of lawsuits over whether or not to allow religious statues on public property or plaques of the Ten Commandments to be displayed in front of a town hall, to more important issues. Now it's coming down to whether our children will be educated properly or not; it's come down to arguing over what someone's taxes cover or not. The religious people in this country are overwhelming the secular side of our society.

What really gets me is, it is the Christians, who outnumber any other religion in this country by a huge majority, that claim their rights are being trampled every time something isn't done their way. They don't understand that freedom of speech and religion means that you are free to practice your own religion without infringement. It does not mean that you have the right to force YOUR religion on other people.

The whole issue of gay marriage is a good example of why we need separation of church and state. There is no logical reason why gay couples shouldn't benefit from the blessings of the government in terms of joint property, laws of inheritance, visiting privileges at hospitals, and all of the other rights that heterosexual married couples take for granted.

The only reason to deny same-sex couples these rights is found in the Bible, where believers claim that "God" doesn't approve of same-sex couples. This is a religious context, not a civic context.

The solution would be to allow any couple of consenting adults to marry in a civic ceremony. If religion comes into it, then they are welcome to also be married in the church of their choice. Some churches may choose to marry same-sex couples, some may not. But that is a private, religious context. The civic context should not be consigned to the same rules.

Interestingly, just today I had a chat with one of my mother's aides who comes in to help out for two hours twice a week. She is of Mexican descent and I had assumed she was Catholic. However, we got into a discussion of religion and it turned out she had been "saved" in a Protestant religion in 2001 before 9/11. As a result, she believes the Bible is the word of God and everything in it is true.

She brought up the idea of gay marriage and I said I was in favor of it since I believe God would want people who love each other to be able to pledge their lives to each other. She said that the Bible doesn't allow for that, it's not natural and that with God, all things are possible, so anyone who is gay could change if they believed.

Naturally I didn't get into a big argument about this (I do need her to take care of my mother), but it made me think. There are a lot of people out there who really believe that the Bible actually is the word-for-word "Word of God" and because of that they are willing to consign a whole group of people to second-class status. If these people continue to gain power in our government and our civic organizations such as school boards, our country is going to fall further and further behind, what with rejecting evolution, believing gay people are "unnatural" and many other beliefs that are not consistent with science or good sense.

Organized religion in general has a tendency to become corrupt, or at the very least, the participants tend to protect the organization rather than the beliefs on which it is founded. Look at the scandals in the Catholic Church. I'm sure none of those in charge feel good about the terrible things that some priests have done to young children. But rather than expose those priests and the church to public scrutiny, they hid this behavior and just transferred the priests elsewhere. As a result, there is now a sitting Pope who may have conspired in this cover-up and the church is in crisis.

If even a church cannot stay pure, how could incorporating religion into government have any better result?


Mnmom said...

I agree 100%. I left organized religion for these very reasons. I'm reading "The Family" right now and it's some scary stuff.

Billie Greenwood said...
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PENolan said...

I've been talking a lot with a Progressive Preacher lately, and he says that during the 20th Century, there was a big schism in theology as a result of the world wars. One side went in the direction of Paul Tillich, with acceptance at the center. The other relies on delusion in order to sanctify their holier than thou position.

All the best to you and your mom

Randal Graves said...

Hey now, just the other day CNN, the worldwide leader in something or other, was discussing, with a straight *chuckle* face, whether homosexuality is indeed curable. And since it was on the teevee, it must be true.

Fran said...

I hear the GOP & Palin types often play the "god card". God bless America. God bless the troops.
God loves real American, common sense, tea party people. No sooner do all those praises & godly references pass her lips, before the ideas of drill baby drill, and the new slogan-- the party of hell no, are spewed.
The implication by all the god talk is that god is on her/their side. Then there is the leap of assumption that god would want us to make polar bears extinct. God would want us to trash the Oceans drilling for oil, god sanctions our "correct war", all because they play the god card. The sheeple eat it up & follow.

Great post!

Christopher said...

My piece submitted for Blog Against Theocracy didn't make the cut either.

I guess they're standards are just too high for us plebeians! From what I saw, the turnout was pretty sad this year anyway.

Your piece is excellent and raises a question I've pondered too.

People who are strict Biblical types have this nasty of habit of justifying their hatred for gay people because they say "It's in the Bible."

The Bible says a lot of strange and psychotic and shit, like cheering cannibalism too. There are dozens -- possibly hundreds of books of the Bible that weren't allowed in the final version. People need to keep in mind that these words and stories are almost 2,000 years old and have been translated so many times from language to language that my guess is, very little of what is printed in the King James version even slightly resembles the original text.

amadmike1 said...

I am an atheist and proud of it. I do not buy the religious myths perpetuated by self serving fools. Those who do, the fanatics, the Tea-Baggers and The Palins et al, are idiots. There. I said it. Peace to all...

Angie said...

As for public funding of abortion, those who oppose it don't understand how the killing of an unborn child is "health care." Abortions aren't that expensive so if a woman wants one, she should pay for it herself.

TomCat said...

Nicely done, Maui. The establishment clause of the Constitution forbids the government from interfering with people's faith and from preferring one faith over another.

If the religious right wants to believe in religious intolerance, that is their right. However, when they try to impose that intolerance on others, who choose different beliefs, that is unconsitutional.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, as you say, "There are a lot of people out there who really believe that the Bible actually is the word-for-word "Word of God".

Those are the folks I would delight in asking, "Which translation is true word-for-word, all of them, or just yours?"

"Since Jesus talked a lot about sin, why do you suppose He said NOTHING about homosexuality, if it was so important? And why isn't homosexuality forbidden in the Ten Commandments? Does that mean lying is the greater sin?"

I wonder why nobody wants to talk about religion with me...

D.K. Raed said...

this was a well thought out piece Maui. I don't know how you do it with all you have going on. I'm trying to nurse my hub through a knee replacement right now and it's a bit overwhelming, but nothing like what you're going through. Your mom is in wonderful caring hands .... with the possible exception of the one home nurse who thinks every word in the bible is true, but then she is probably a good nurse, just no capacity for critical thinking about ancient works of mythological tales. I wonder what she would think of Joseph Campbell?

I'm especially concerned about the rewritten texas school books because that will affect what is taught in most other states. Publishers of school text books tend to print whatever the biggest customer wants and texas is a HUGE customer. Other states can take then advantage of the mass pricing the big customer has negotiated for their textbooks unless they can find another source at a price their funding will allow ... not easy for many cash-strapped states right now.

Unknown said...

Bit late getting here Maui... but ever so glad to find you here. This was a thoughtful and intelligent post on the subject matter, seems to me... presented by someone who any 'church' would be glad to have among the parish. That's just it, isn't it? The absolute meaness in the 'christian churches' ... like the little Mx girl who said 'all things are possible with God'... EXCEPT ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS? eh? I am a loud mouth, excuse pls. Your words are kindly applied to your ideals... it shines through. I just think nothing is more important these days than kindness. I think I've always thought so...at least I'm hoping. :-)

I am not an atheist nor an agnostic... I simply have another awareness of creation and All That Is... Everything counts. Ya know?

I also wanted to give you my supportive high five in your life choices... caring for your elder mom. It's my honor to know two other women in our age group who are doing the same, because they feel it's just the right thing to do. As a child of the Goddess... I would say the Goddess blesses you abundantly. Good for you~!

Spadoman said...

I've been here before and read your post. Very good indeed. What I learned here is that you have quite a plateful in your own life. I guess I just don't know the real you as well as others might, and that's okay. But now that I am aware, I want to commend you for all you do and are involved in and send the best positive energy your way for things to go and be accepted as they are meant to be.
As far as God being forced down our throats from government, (and those that want to be our government), they will put it out there, but we have the opportunity to ignore it. There is still no mind control, although we are getting close to it.

Peace to you.

Mauigirl said...

Hi everyone, I'm touched by all your good wishes and thank you all for your great comments. I'll address your comments below in no particular order as it turned out, LOL!

MNMom, I feel the same way about organized religion.

It's interesting, although I consider myself an agnostic (I mean, can anyone really say they know one way or the other?) I tend to quote Jesus a lot and think of what he would do, whether or not he was divine. (And I always come to the conclusion he would agree with the liberal side of politics, LOL!) So I would say I tend to be spiritual in my own way, if not in any supernatural beliefs - and not in the confines of any church or religion.

BE, thanks, I appreciate your support. It isn't easy but I'm so lucky to have good friends both here and in the "real world" who are giving me such encouragement.

MadMike, although I am not a believer myself, I do think there are a number of "true" Christians who actually live their religion; unfortunately the "Tea Party" people and many like them are not among them.

Fran, you are right, they love to say "God" this and "God" that - to me it is the true example of taking the Lord's name in vain when people use "God" for their own nefarious purposes.

Randall, I was amazed that CNN had that on. It shows the insidious effects these beliefs are having on so-called mainstream news programs. CNN is losing its credibility.

Tricia, interesting point, I didn't know about this schism but it certainly explains the current situation perfectly.

TomCat, well put. To me that is exactly what the nonestablishment clause means.

D.K., so sorry about your hubby's knee, hope he recovers soon. And yes, the textbook issue is very concerning because of the far-reaching effects it could have.

Dave and Christopher, you raise the interesting point that the Bible has not been set in stone and was changed and retranslated numerous times, something those who believe in its infallibility never address, to say nothing of the many inconsistencies found within its pages. I never understood how people could believe the Bible word for word given those issues.

Taraj, I can understand that point of view. I guess I am just concerned that if we start parsing exactly what "our taxes" do and do not fund, it could be a really slippery slope. I am anti death-penalty, but I'm sure my federal taxes have funded executions at some point as well. It is a conundrum we face every time we pay them I guess.

Gwendolyn, welcome, and thanks so much for your comments. I think we think very much alike.

Spadoman, great to see your comment and I appreciate your good wishes.

Christopher said...


Did you catch this???

Buyers remorse already setting in after electing the Republican governor in New Jersey.


Distributorcap said...

just had to say hi and tell you what a terrific piece you wrote

Mauigirl said...

Christopher, thanks for the link, will check it out. I'm not in the least bit surprised there is "buyer's remorse" in NJ. The new governor has slashed budgets right and left, which will just make our property taxes go up more since towns will be getting less state aid. People are livid.

DCap, thanks so much, I appreciate the compliment! I am hoping to read through all the great pieces others have written on the Blog Against Theocracy now that I have a little time to myself!

AMIT said...

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