Friday, August 08, 2008

Very Disillusioning

What is it about politicians that they just can't resist having affairs? Is it the extra testosterone needed to have the urge for power that also causes these lapses in judgment?

I saw today that after denying it all along, John Edwards has now admitted to having an affair with a woman who was producing videos for his campaign. He says he came clean to his wife and family "long ago," but had continued to publicly deny the accusations that kept coming up in the media.

Now, I was not really an Edwards supporter. There has always been something about him that just didn't appeal to me. But I did really believe he and his wife Elizabeth were the real thing. And maybe they are. It's not the affair that bothers me so much (we can all make mistakes) it's the lying.

This is the same pattern as Bill Clinton. I have no doubt Hillary knew about Monica Lewinsky by the time Bill had to admit it in public. But before he ever admitted it, he shook his finger at the American people and said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." That is what irked me about it.

Similarly, John Edwards had said, "The story is false. It's completely untrue, ridiculous," when reporters questioned him about a National Enquirer story in the fall of 2007.

Now he says that because the story contained "many falsities" that he felt he was being "99% honest" in his denial. Uh, no, John. Saying something is "completely untrue" is not being 99% honest if the core issue - having the affair - was true all along.

This goes with the whole "It depends on what the meaning of 'is,' is" mentality of Bill Clinton.

Now mind you, I don't think it's really anybody's business what people do in their private lives and really don't care if Edwards had an affair or not.

But what bugs me about these guys is they always feel they have to lie. Why don't they just say, "This is a private matter between me and my family, and is none of your business," and change the subject? If Clinton had done that he would have never been impeached. After all, he wasn't impeached for his affair with Lewinsky. He was impeached for the lie.

On top of that, the latest analysis of this story on the Huffington Post also indicates he paid $114,000 to this woman for her alleged documentaries when she had never made documentaries before and the videos she took weren't even used for anything. I'm sure those who donated their hard-earned money to Edwards would not be happy to realize some of it went to pay his lover for work that was obviously just an excuse to keep her near him.

So now we have another Democrat looking bad, another Democratic story the hungry MSM will be all over for the next who knows how long, and once again John McCain can continue to make his gaffes and flip flop on his stands on the issues, and no one will pay any attention to him whatsoever. And the less attention they pay to McCain, the better he does in the polls.

Why do I have this sinking feeling that we are all doomed in November?


Dorothy said...

Sadly the affairs are not exclusive to any party or career. I have a tough time coming home to my husband when I see so many affairs everywhere... It seems as though if it feels good they have to do it. And your right it's when they can't face up to being caught that I'm appalled.

Or have the courage to say I won't answer that question and move on...However, I don't think you'll ever see it and who knows what will happen during our next election. It's still a mystery. And politicians will continue
to do whatever they must to get and stay elected...

Dorothy from grammology

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

More of this country's obsession with sex. Although I have to admit, I do find this story particularly disappointing. If you can't stick by your wife when she has cancer, why should I think you're going to have the fortitude to go through any tough times?

And the stupid lies just make it worse. I guess we won't be seeing him as a VP candidate.

Christopher said...

Nailing some bottle blonde while Elizabeth is at home battle cancer is about as low as you can go in my book.

I took a lot of shit from Edwards supporters for blogging this story back on July 25, 2008, but I did so because:

1. I have a soft spot in my heart for Elizabeth Edwards who is a huge friend and supporter to the LGBT community

2. I knew if Obama tagged Edwards to be his running mate or AG or Sec'y of HHS and the MSM got wind of this, it would bring Obama down too.

I have very strong beliefs about what commitment means and I really couldn't give a rat's ass what they do in Europe, as some Edwards supporters are quick to point out.

In any event, if Edwards paid Hunter hundreds-of-thousands of dollars from his PAC account, those coins came from donors and he's in violation of Federal law and could face fines and/or jail time.

I hope it was worth it, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

I think this will blow over before November. The economy and the war will trump this. Maybe it's best that this comes before the convention.

libhom said...

I think it is perfectly OK to lie about a private matter that is nobody's business. I was never a big fan of Edwards, but this whole tempest in a teapot is distracting people from important news stories.

Odessa said...

i agree with you, its the lying that bothers me. that and the fact that his wife was battling with cancer while he was having his affair.

BTW, i don't think this issue will have much impact on the november polls. its good that it came out this early and hopefully people will forget about it by then.

Comrade Kevin said...

The media is trying, unsuccessfully, to paint this in partisan colors.

What this Edwards mess really is: a cautionary tale about the hubris of people in positions of power. So used to toeing the line between politically expedient positions and the unvarnished truth for a career, they think they can do the same thing with their personal lives.

I always question the timing of revelations like these, because philandering among politicians and people in power is extremely commonplace. And so long as the most profound aphrodisiacs include power, money, and influence, I doubt we should expect much better.

Tom Harper said...

Well, I'm glad Edwards didn't get the nomination. I think McCain has a history of cheating and womanizing as well. Not that it should be an issue for either candidate, but the MSM seems a lot more interested when Democrats cheat and have affairs.

But you're right, McCain's constant gaffes and misinformation will be buried underneath all of the "oh my God, Edwards had an affair!" rhetoric.

Randal Graves said...

McCain did something wrong? When did this happen?

Mauigirl said...

Dorothy, I think Edwards admitted to being narcissistic - and I think Clinton said he did these things "because he could." It's as if they get in a certain position of power and they take advantage of it. I often wonder whether it's even a sexual thing or more about the power in the case of these politicians.

Ruth, I read somewhere that he claimed he only had the affair while Elizabeth was in remission from the cancer. Well, isn't that special of him...I guess that makes it OK - NOT.

Christopher - I agree with you, it was a low thing to do. And the money part could definitely be illegal. I wonder if anything will be done about that?

DCup, it probably will blow over before November but I am getting concerned that the MSM is only paying attention to the Democrats. If they ever paid attention to John McCain more people might realize how bad he would be as President.

Libhom, that's what I mean - I'm most concerned about the distraction it is causing. I do agree it's a private matter but in that case, why lie at all - why not just say "No comment." It's not as if what he did was illegal or something (except perhaps the campaign finance money issue).

Odessa, I hope you're right that it won't hurt things in November. As for the affair itself, I found it disillusioning not just because Elizabeth had cancer but also becaus they seemed to have such a strong marriage.

Comrade Kevin, I agree, it really is about the hubris.

Tom, I'm glad he didn't either. What a disaster that would have been. No way would he have won if this had come out and he was already the nominee. But you're right, the MSM does make more of a big deal out of these things when it's a Democrat.

Randal, as far as the media goes, McCain has never done anything wrong!

Fran said...

Hi Mauigirl, I am so late to this party but will leave a comment.

It would appear to me that this kind of sex is about power and hubris, which has been mentioned in the comments, not sex.

Which does not make it okay but is contextual. We have created a system that is all about ego, power and hubris... And honestly, I do not believe that anyone can be a presidential candidate or a president without buying into that at some level.

That bothers me much more.

As for castigating John, which many people have done (and I do not criticize you or anyone who has done so) for embarrassing the Dems or bringing things down...

Please, the Republicans have sex scandals aplenty and much more lurid in general! Somehow they get off the hook and we are on it.

This creates the double bind which makes this kind of sick sad thing into a bigger thing than it has to be.

A culture that enshrines sex at the same time it glorifies it - we are just asking for trouble.

Ok, I will shut up now!

Mary Ellen said...

I realize that many are defending John Edwards for getting caught with his zipper down, but I can't do that. He was my first choice of candidate early on, and I changed later as I could see in his debates and rally speeches that he was a one trick pony and wasn't as smart as Hillary on the issues. My problem with him isn't that he had an affair, that is between him and Elizabeth. My problem is that he's a great big hypocrite because he made nasty comments in the past about Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky affair. I'm hoping that his career is ruined and it will be for one reason only, "It's the hypocrisy, stupid!"

I also don't think he's been completely honest with the public, which shows his lack of moral compass and his inability to stand up and take responsibility for his actions.

The Truffle said...

It seems that these politicians forget about the concept of plain old common sense. Really, if you're in the public eye and you realize it would be political suicide to have an affair, then BUY A PORN MAGAZINE like all the other horny middle-aged men out there. Sheesh!

enigma4ever said...

it really did suck..and I feel so bad for Elizabeth..what kind of man does that...I guess we really didn't know think it will blow over by November...and I hope it far as his career and all his poverty work- gee- that is toast..